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Little Bella's - I Close My Eyes

November 22, 2010

By: Carisa Kluver

The Digital Media Diet

Little Bella is a relatively short, animated book released for the iPhone/iPod only.   This book is often a favorite "last book" at bedtime in our house, since the ending has little Bella falling into bed & going to sleep herself.  We usually avoid overly animated or interactive books before bed, since they can be too stimulating, but the overall effect of the music & dreamy animation is relaxing enough even for nighttime.

Each page has little Bella stating in her cute Australian accent, "I close my eyes and I am ..." followed by 12 different imaginative statements, ranging from climbing the tallest tree to becoming a dolphin diving in the ocean.  My son was particularly fond of the slug scene.  "Yuck," he says every time it oozes along, but he says it with a big smile.

When the child touches the words, the audio narration starts and then automatically plays the animated scene, lasting 15-30 seconds. Each animated scene is truly mesmerizing as Bella takes the reader on a journey through her imagination.

Although relatively short, this reasonably priced app enlarges to fit the iPad screen with little or no change in resolution, making it a nice little addition to our bedtime routine. I also keep a copy on my iPod touch for viewing when my child needs a little extra help sitting still, like waiting at the Dr.'s office. Considering how much we've gotten out of our copy, I'd highly recommend this title as a good value and an enchanting read for young and old.

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Little Bella's - I Close My Eyes

November 22, 2010

By: Carisa Kluver

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Jonathan Dower

Out Fit 7 Ltd.

Length (time):
4 - 6 Minutes

Based on non-digital book: No

Allows Own Narration:

Uses Motion: No

Age: 3 - 8 +

English •

Length (pages):
12 Pages


Story Synopsis - Little Bella's - I Close My Eyes

This book is 12 pages, plus an accompanying animated scene for each of the 12 statements. Bella announces on each page that she is going to close her eyes and do something amazing (like read a book in space!) or become something in nature (like a 'bouncy little frog'). The animated sequences last 15-30 seconds each and showcase high-quality animation & sound. The music that goes along with each scene is also very relaxing and appropriate for bedtime. Themes include: flying in clouds, climbing a tall tree, reading a book in space, running fast, playing with an elephant, becoming a dolphin/slug/giant/frog/hungry monster/caterpillar, and then ends with little Bella falling into bed & going to sleep.


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Orientation: Landscape

Format: iPhone



App Release Date:


Size: 37.62 MB

Version: 2.3

Lite Version Available: Yes



Little Bella's - I Close My Eyes

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