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Barefoot World Atlas

November 29, 2012

By: Jayne Clare


Meet Franklin ... and many other frogs as they grow up!

Barefoot Books has transformed its World Atlas into a phenomenal learning tool! The app, brought to you by Touch Press, has been getting a lot of press and we wanted to see for ourselves what all the fuss is about. We learned that this interactive atlas is the result of a year-long partnership between award-winning children’s publisher Barefoot Books and Touch Press. Touch Press is behind six previous Apps of the Week, including Gems and Jewels, Solar System (for Japan and Germany), X is for X-ray, and March of the Dinosaurs.

Geography has been put on the back burner in some schools, while all the focus has been given to Math, Science, and English Language Arts. Teachers and parents of younger learners needing a more interactive hands-on way to explore and absorb important knowledge about the world around them will find everything they need with this one app. Barefoot World Atlas is a brilliant creation. It’s an information-rich resource for the iPad that engages learners of all ages and makes sure that you are immersed in the culture of every area you visit, as well as all the senses. I swear the students got goosebumps when we visited the Artic and yes, you could almost smell the scent of the differing geographical locations. The music changes with every swipe of a new location and really gives one the feeling of being right there along with the indigenous people.

• an enchanting interactive globe that children can spin, zoom and fly around

• live country facts from Wolfram|Alpha including current weather 

• an enchanting interactive globe that children can spin, zoom and fly around

• live country facts from Wolfram|Alpha including current weather

• globe navigation by regions, emphasizing the way people have been shaped by the characteristics and resources of the land

• hundreds of animated illustrations by artist David Dean representing culture, people, and nature

• extensive written text and spoken narration by BBC presenter and geographer Nick Crane

• hundreds of carefully chosen photographs

• an evocative sound scape with ever-changing music and effects

• 3D rotations of historical objects from the Royal Geographical Society

The vibrant interface encourages exploration and learning can go in literally any direction. You can flit from one icon to the next to pursue your personal interests, as well as adventure into the unknown. Any icon can be saved to your favorites list for easy reference, and selecting regions or countries lets you learn more about their climate, natural resources, native peoples, indigenous animals, and modes of transportation.

The bottom line….. Barefoot World Atlas needs to be on every iPad that is used by children. It is like having a Jr. set of world books in one condensed space to promote educating kids about geography in a FUN, exciting and all embracing way. This app that will have staying power on any mobile device. Splurge  – this app is worth every penny!

Teachers With Apps

This review was originally published by TeachersWithApps.com on April 13, 2012.

Teachers With Apps was co-founded by Jayne Clare, a Special Education teacher, and Anne Rachel, an artist and Early Childhood educator. Their goal is to be a credible resource for quality educational apps. Created to help parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators and anyone else, wade through the vast number of  ”educational” apps being introduced on a daily basis, Teachers With Apps was founded by two lifelong educators and is dedicated to the idea that quality mobile educational apps are the tools of the future but they need to be used responsibly. Remember, not all educational apps are created equal.

All reviews are of the app, not the platform/device. Based originally on iPad versions. Minor technical details may vary.


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Barefoot World Atlas

November 29, 2012

By: Carisa Kluver

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Nick Crane/David Dean

Touch Press LLP

Length (time):
45 - 60 Minutes

Based on non-digital book: Yes

Allows Own Narration:

Uses Motion: No

Age: 4 - 12 +

English • Spanish •

Length (pages):
250 Pages


Story Synopsis - Barefoot World Atlas

Print Title description, from Amazon.com [September 1, 2011 8 and up]

Divided by geographic region, the Barefoot Books World Atlas looks at the way in which communities and cultures across the world have been shaped by their natural environment, and at theideas and initiatives which are shaping the future. An atlas for the twenty-first century, it shows how all parts of the planet are interconnected and looks at the challenges which face us all in creating a sustainable future.


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Orientation: Landscape

Format: Universal


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Size: 1537.65 MB

Version: 1.0.1

Lite Version Available: No



Barefoot World Atlas

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