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Longlegs and the Pirate With No-Nose

December 28, 2012

By: Nathalie van Ee


An exceptional & original storybook with lots of 'pirate' appeal!

Longlegs and the Pirate with No-Nose by developer Terra dei Colori Edizioni, is a storybook app developed for older children featuring a terrible pirate and a monster who wants to right his wrongs.  The story of Rakam, nicknamed No-Nose, comes alive in this interactive app.

Longlegs and the Pirate with No-Nose is a lengthy interactive storybook app appropriate for older children.  It tells the story of Rakam, nicknamed No-Nose, who kidnaps a baby from a princess.  He decides to feed the baby to the alligators that he raises on his magical island called Calabi-Yau.  After being saved by the first mate, the baby's story is spread far and wide by the animals of the sea.  Hearing of the baby's tale, the monster Longlegs spreads the word to his arachnid friends and descends on the island to defeat Rakam and save the baby.

The story is a unique pirate tale, but definitely meant for older children.  (One page tells of fight Rakam had when he was drunk.  Another page tells how the baby's mother throws herself into the sea after her baby is kidnapped.)   The navigation of the app is a little different than most storybook apps as well.  Tap the right or left hook to turn the pages.  Instead of swiping, it's a tap movement.  Access the menus in the same way.  The map button has a unique feature as well.  Instead of the pages listed in order in a table of contents format, they scroll by in random order in an appealing, but unorganized manner.

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This app has nice illustrations that go along with the pirate theme beautifully.  Older children will enjoy the Kraken monster, underwater sea creatures, and scary pirates.  Each page has some sort of animation or interaction for readers to discover.  Turn and swipe things, tap for noises, or move characters throughout the pages.  The animations aren't so detailed that they distract children from the story though.  They are minor interactions meant to keep readers engaged.  The word highlighting and choice to have the story read aloud to read independently are both nice options, too.

 A note: While I liked the story and found it appropriate for older students, I can't say I was wild about referring to the pirate as drunk or about the princess committing suicide.  I don't know that either of these was important to the story line, and maybe could be rewritten to be a little more child friendly.  Additionally, the end of the story becomes a little disjointed and confusing with the sudden reintroduction of the princess and the vampire squid.  Parents may want to preview the story first.

Overall, the app has a unique story that is a true pirate's tale.  The illustrations are nicely done and my guess is that older students would find this an engaging storybook app.  The text and storyline are complex and full of details, and the story is unique enough to keep readers guessing from page to page about what will happen next.



This review was originally published by FunEducationalApps.com on August 26, 2012.

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Longlegs and the Pirate With No-Nose

December 28, 2012

By: Carisa Kluver

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Francesco Tosi

Terra dei Colori - S. C. Sociale a R.L.

Length (time):
14 - 16 Minutes

Based on non-digital book: No

Allows Own Narration:

Uses Motion: Yes

Age: 4 - 8

English • French • Spanish •German •Italian •Japanese •

Length (pages):
36 Pages


Story Synopsis - Longlegs and the Pirate With No-Nose

From iTunes:

Longlegs and the Pirate with No-Nose is an interactive book for kids, translated in six different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese). The brilliance of this application is definitely in the story, striking for its originality as well as its illustrations, all product of the imagination of Francesco Tosi. But what will surely captivate the little ones is the interactivity. The app allows you to touch, move, listen, live alongside the characters, and embark on a great adventure into the wonderful world of Calabi-Yau

The pirate Rakam, nicknamed “No-Nose,” kidnaps the son of a princess to feed the alligators he lovingly raises on a magical island called Calabi-Yau. Cannonball, first-mate of the evil pirate, moved by compassion, saves the baby from his sad fate, taking it away from his tormentor and leaving him adrift in the ocean. The giant Longlegs also becomes aware of the incident and decides to come to the aid of the little castaway. The giant, after some misadventures, finally arrives on Calabi-Yau, with the intention to rescue the little prince.

"Please note: we are a non-profit organization, all of the revenue will be used in social initiatives for children (nursery schools, support teachers and so on)"


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Orientation: Landscape

Format: Universal


Start, Options, Credits, Home, Index, Sound On/Off, Narration On/Off, Language (French, Japanese, Spanish, English, German, Italian), Links to: Facebook, Web

App Release Date:


Size: 143.39 MB

Version: 1.0

Lite Version Available: No



Longlegs and the Pirate With No-Nose

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