Hurray for Today! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat) by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Young readers will love learning with Hurray for Today! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat). This non-fiction title, published first in print in 2004, was created to give children ages 5-8 the chance to learn about the origin of US holidays, with a familiar tour guide, The Cat in the Hat. The learning library series was created in the late 1990's by Random House with a talented team of illustrators, writers & educators, who mimic Seuss's rhyming verse and quirky illustrations beautifully.

And now the Cat-in-the-Hat Learning Library books are available as enhanced books, with the help of Oceanhouse Media. Featuring light animation and interactivity along Read more …

The Year of the Dragon in 3D - A Peek 'n Play Story App by Mobad Games

This is another top notch animated title from Mobad Media, just in time for Chinese New Year! It features scenes that tilt for a 3D effect when the device is moved, lots of interactivity and a story that will engage kids from start to finish. It even includes some great extras, featuring information about the Chinese Zodiac and a series of hidden coins children can find while exploring each page.

Dominic is a young dragon that wants to enter the community boat race with his friend Bo and an assortment of characters representing the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. When no one will help the young crew learn how to paddle, they don't give up. In the end, Dominic saves the day with some Read more …

Put Me In The Story – Personalized Books by Sourcebooks

Sourcebooks is a successful independent and woman-owned publishing house founded in 1987 by Dominique Raccah. They have made forays into many genres, including children's picture books in print and now, in digital. This app contains one free story, The Night Night Book, that is a nice example of the personalizable features offered for their collection of stories, available for in-app purchase.

The stories are (so far) all based on popular print titles and include very light animation and interactivity, along with the special touch of adding a child's name into the text of the book. The child's picture is also included on the second page, like a traditional bookplate, along with their name Read more …

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving by Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, by Loud Crow, has taken book apps to a completely new level of sophistication! There’s so much to love about this app. From the opening screen, right to the end we were LOLing and smiling and were delighted when kids who didn’t know the characters were too!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is the fourth Peanuts television special to be given an interactive spin from Loud Crow, an award-winning children’s interactive publisher based in Vancouver, BC. And believe you me, this is one app that will not disappoint!

Inside the app the pages are packed with Charlie Brown’s darling trials and tribulations. You’ll Read more …

Happy Valentine’s Day, Little Critter! by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Happy Valentine's Day, Little Critter! by Mercer Mayer is one of the "New Adventure" books with Little Critter, published in print in 2005. In this title, Little Critter tells readers about his class making cards, decorating and having a Valentine's Day party. The digital version of this book also adds a new twist, keeping track as the young reader tries to find 13 of the little mice and spiders, hidden on nearly every page.
Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal is Little Critter?" According to Wikipedia, Mercer Mayer did not specify which type of animal the Little Critter is, but, "he resembles a hedgehog, hamster or guinea pig." So, basically he's a rodent ... although a Read more …
Happy Easter, Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.
Happy Easter, Little Critter by Mercer Mayer is one of the main series of Little Critter titles, published in print in 1988. In this title, Little Critter and his family celebrate Easter. Little Critter and his little sister find Easter baskets and go to church where they particpate in a traditional Easter egg hunt. The digital version of this book also adds a new twist, keeping track as the young reader tries to find all 17 of the little mice hidden on nearly every page. Children can also tap on 100 Easter eggs, although these are not really hidden.
Many readers have asked, "What kind of animal is Little Critter?" According to Wikipedia, Mercer Mayer did not specify which type Read more …
Tacky Goes to Camp by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

The first Tacky the Penguin book was published in print in 1990. This title, about the 'odd bird' going to camp, came out in print in 2009. After reading any one of the "Tacky" books, it isn't difficult to understand why this character would be popular decades later. Tacky always stands out from the other penguins for being a little bit different. But with siblings named Goodly, Lovely, Angel, Neatly and Perfect, this is a family in need of a little trouble-making.

Tacky's non-conformism comes in handy of course. This time a bear threatens to eat the birds one night and Tacky scares him away simply by stumbling around with his sleeping bag over his head. He may not be Perfect, but Read more …

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Car Trip by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

There have been hundreds of Berenstain Bears stories published since the first one debuted 1962. Too Much Car Trip is one of HarperCollins square paperback series, published in 2009. According to Wikipedia:

"The books feature a family of anthropomorphic grizzly bears who generally learn a moral or safety-related lesson in the course of each story. Since the 1962 debut of the first Berenstain Bears book, The Big Honey Hunt, the series has grown to over 300 titles, which have sold approximately 260 million copies in 23 languages."

This formula, sometimes criticized for being too moralistically simplistic, has been a fast favorite of millions of young Read more …

KidsMg Easter Special Edition by Portegno SA

KidsMag from Portegno Apps is a fantastic series of digital 'activity books', including a short but cute storybook in each issue. This issue has the children listening to a bedtime story about Easter. It features a land of bunny 'egg painters' ... a group of helpers not unlike Santa's elves. The main character is just learning his trade and gets lots of inspiration from his siblings before finding his own style.

As a digital offering, this title is solidly made with ample settings to navigate and adjust the app's audio. The story and all activity pages have narration, so even pre-readers can enjoy this app. Illustrations are simple computer graphics but colorful and engaging in a Read more …

The Lettermen go to the Seaside by SN Squared Limited

This fun digital storybook under the category "Education" is interactive in a way that not only makes reading fun, but reinforces spelling, reading and sight words. The 'lettermen' themselves are simple but engaging cartoon letters with hands and feet. They are very appealing to kids and have great expressions that match the words they are forming on each page. This tale has the 'lettermen' going on vacation or 'holiday' as they say in Europe. The narration is a British English speaker and is crisp and clear.

The Lettermen was a series of books created in the late 1980's by Roger Knights. This book was published in print in 1993. According to the information page in the book, "It was never Read more …

Auracle HD – Winter Is by Auryn, Inc

Cute storybook about the excitement of a chilly Northwest winter by Puget Sound native and Alaska resident, Ann Dixon. Wonderful educational enhancements are the main perk of Auryn Apps digital re-imagining of this 2002 print title. Words highlight as narrated word-for-word & interactivity is strictly informational. Tap any word in the text to hear the audio again or tap any image to hear and see the word. Color-drenched illustrations & nice page-layouts in this digital title make for one very nice seasonal read.

This title is one of over two dozen titles briefly reviewed for a special post in our blog for the winter holidays, 2011.

The Little Brown Bear Interactive Picture Book by BAYARD PRESSE

The Little Brown Bear Interactive Picture Book,by Bayard Press, is a gentle and easily assessable app for toddlers to learn about everyday routines, celebrations, and the changing of the seasons. There are six scenes and 4 choices within each scene to help build vocabulary and acquaint little ones with what there is to see and explore in their ever changing and broadening view of the world. The six scenes are: Animals, The House, Family Fun, Holidays (vacations), Outings, and even The Four Seasons. In The House, there is the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. Add it all up and there are 24 different environments with over 250 vocabulary words to learn!

By tapping on any of the Read more …

Biscuit's Valentine's Day by zuuka incorporated

This is an adorable book based on a print series popular over the last decade. Little Biscuit is a cute puppy who helps his little girl deliver valentine's to their friends and family one snowy February day. From cards & cookies to ribbon for the cat, this duo shows the spirit of giving. This app is beautifully illustrated with light animations that are triggered by tapping the images.

Text highlights as narrated and has simple sentence structure perfect for young learner readers. There is also a selection of extras including coloring pages, memory game, sticker book and puzzles. These extras are simple but well made, making this otherwise very short title full of fun for young Read more …

Cuddly as a Bunny - Picture Me® by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Cuddly as a Bunny - Picture Me is a short, sweet book app that features a story that your child can star in ... insert a picture from your photo album or take one with your device's camera. My child, now in Kindergarten, likes reading the 'PictureMe' series with both current photos and ones taken when he was a baby. You can even email the pages with personalization ... something we do all the time for grandma and my child's godmother.

Eash title is deligtful, featuring over 12 pages of a cute story that features your child on every other page. Check out "PictureMe" Cute as can Bee and the other holiday versions of this app - truly delightful! Young children will appreciate the simple Read more …

Little Miss Liberty by KwiqApps Inc.

Little Miss Liberty is a short little ebook with narration but few other enhancements. The story itself is very cute, telling a tongue-in-cheek story about a little girl, born in Paris and set to grow up to be the statuesque beauty known as the Statue of Liberty. She outgrows her home (literally) and goes to explore the world until finally finding a place to live on a pedestal in New York City.

The book is well made, with both swipe and arrow turning for the pages. The illustrations are hand-drawn with text that is easy to read, although a bit small. In addition to the storybook, this app contains a single puzzle as a bonus. It is also well made, but only contains 6 pieces, so is very Read more …

One Present, Please by Rain Boot Media LLC

What if you could count down to Christmas with one present every day for a week? Most children love counting down to holidays, and this new book app gives you a way to build up excitement to the biggest one of the year for your child. Created by two moms, author Rebecca Pashia and illustrator Noelle Stoffel, One Present, Please is a charming new app from Rain Boot Media.

The book offers 7 storybooks in 1 app, all about a young boy who wants to open his Christmas presents early. He tells his Mommy that the gifts he wants to open early look so small, or lonely or maybe have something 'wrong' with them that makes them stand out. Unlike many mothers, his Mommy relents each day for the Read more …